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Please take 5 minutes to read it before you post [again].

Outages is entirely volunteer-run non-profit organisation. We collaborate freely on a volunteer basis for everyone's benefit.

This code of conduct covers your behaviour as a member of the Outages Community, in any outages mailing list, wiki, web site, IRC channel, public meeting or private correspondence.

General Information

About Outages & Mission statement


Credit goes to the Debian / NANOG mailing list for FAQ, which served as a model for the OUTAGES FAQ.

Outages lists and Acceptable Use Policy

Mailing List Charter

The OUTAGES mailing list is established to provide a forum for the exchange of major outages discussion of Critical Internet infrastructure, such as IXPs, DNS root servers, major carrier failures, major data center, carrier hotel, COs, etc., that require cooperation among network service providers, carriers and network operators around the globe. In order to continue to provide a useful forum for discussion of relevant outages issues, the list is governed by the following guidelines:

1. Discussion will focus on Internet / backbone related outages and technical issues surrounding it as described in the charter of OUTAGES.

2. Postings of issues inconsistent with the charter are prohibited.

3. Cross posting is prohibited.

4. Do not quote messages that were sent to you by other people in private mail, unless agreed beforehand.

5. Postings that include foul language, character assassination, and lack of respect for other participants are prohibited.

6. Product marketing is prohibited.

7. Postings of political, philosophical, religious and legal nature are prohibited.

8. Using list as source for private marketing initiatives is prohibited.

9. Autoresponders sending "out of office" or "vacation" mail either to the list or to the poster are prohibited.

10. Try not to flame; it is not polite.

11. Never send your messages in HTML; use plain text instead.

12. Do not send "test" messages to determine whether your mail client is working.

Individuals who violate these guidelines will be contacted and asked to adhere to the guidelines.

If groups of individuals persist in introducing topics that are outside the charter of OUTAGES, the moderator committee will send a request to the entire mailing list requesting adherence to the guidelines.


FAQ contributions are welcome -- please send email to admins

About OUTAGES and the List:

The primary goal of outages mailing list is for outages-reporting that would apply to failures of major communications infrastructure components having significant traffic-carrying capacity. For more information, see the main OUTAGES web page.

The OUTAGES Volunteer Committee is made up of network operator community members. You can reach us at, admins

A. Is the list moderated? No, the outages mailing list is not moderated but we can be when 'code of conduct' is not being observed.

B. When observing an outage, "me too", "same here", "does this work for you" and twenty people replying is fairly pointless and just add to the noise. You can take post outage feedback to list which is meant for post-mortem, troubleshooting, analysis and off-course venting.

C. When responding to list, please keep your replies to the point pertaining to ongoing outages. For any POST outages related discussion, please direct them to outages-discussion list in order to minimize the chatter.

D. I am not getting any mail anymore from the list! Is it down or what?

  • If for any reason your email address is unavailable, after some retries you will be automatically unsubscribed.
  • You may get unsubscribed because MTAs relaying traffic to you get bounces for some reason.
  • There are no major outages to report :-)

E. How do I report outages regarding outages mailing list?

You could report problem(s) by reaching us at, admins

F. How do I Subscribe / Unsubscribe to OUTAGES Mailing List?

For more information, see the subscription page.

G. Disclaimer for the OUTAGES mailing lists?

Read more about outages disclaimer here.

H. How can I reach the list admins?

Please direct your queries to admins

Posting Policy

1. The basic rule is to avoid asking questions that have been asked before, or that are irrelevant to other list users, or that are off topic. Please use your good sense.

2. Network operational related topics / issues are not appropriate for this forum.

3. Please read the FAQ and AUP (code of conduct) policy before posting for more details.

The following are specifically discouraged:

1. Is a certain site down?

Please do your technical diligence before posting, check Outages Dashboard prior to querying the list.

Please also avoid

1. Sending posts to the list relevant to only one or two people on this list, such as tests or traceroute(s) in response to another post for comparison to those originally posted.

2. Jokes, Puns, amusing observations, spelling corrections.

3. Network operations, and other non-outages related issues should be discussed in the appropriate forums elsewhere.

Other OUTAGES related lists

1. outages-discussion - Post outages related discussion, including troubleshooting, analysis, post-mortem pertaining to ongoing and /or post outages.

2. outages-announce - Change management, future updates regarding the list.

Please send your feedback, comments and /or recommendations on how we can improve outages services further at admins